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Dream Wedding

We take pride in being the people who turn your dream wedding into a reality, more so when it is about adding life to your much-awaited destination wedding. Not only are we experts in curating spectacular events and unique experiences, we also specialize in bringing you unexplored destinations & transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. As a pioneering end-to-end destination planner, we take the onus of managing your wedding, all the way from assisting you in Visa for guests, venue, Guests accommodation, Cars and logistics to making sure your guests are safe on the flight back home - we do it all.


VEEGO WEDDING is the platform that catalogs exclusively, wedding-friendly Hotels & Resorts. Our mission is to provide hassle-free process in choosing the perfect Wedding Destination for your big day. Our experience teamed with your dreamy ideas for your special day can help create a wedding that is as memorable as it is magical.


“Great things are achieved not by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”


We believe our consecutive successes at some of the most sought after destination wedding locations like Maldives, Dubai and Oman, European locations from Paris to Switzerland or Greece to Poland to name a few, is living proof of our expertise.


When it comes to offering bespoke destination weddings in India, we leave no stone unturned. Right from helping you avail the best Mehendi Artist in the nation to ensuring a grand entry exactly as you dreamt of, from arranging dazzling cocktail events to creating majestic pandals for your pheras, we do it all; and effortlessly, so you should be able to make the most of your D-day, without breaking a sweat.

How will VEEGO WEDDING help me with my destination wedding planning?How will VEEGO WEDDING help me with my destination wedding planning?

At VEEGO WEDDING, our team takes immense pride in offering holistic wedding destination planning services that will help realize your dream wedding in the most elaborate manner possible. Right from assisting you in the hunt for the best destination wedding places internationally to booking the best of wedding vendors, from facilitating you with some spectacular décor alternatives to helping you finalize on the best photographers, artists and entertainers we are the whole package. No matter how elaborate or minuscule a task is, you can always rely on us for taking care of it all.


Whether you want us to be a part of the entire planning process, or simply want us to take charge of venue and logistic arrangements during the event, we will always be happy to create for you a carefree experience. We can seamlessly blend ensuring everything falls perfectly in place for you!

How much do you charge for destination wedding planning?

The best answer to this is – Less than you imagine! While our charges vary on the basis of numerous aspects such as the scale of the wedding, destination etc. the services we offer will show for more than every buck you spend on us. After all, it is our onus to offer you a wedding extravaganza that is second to none!


In fact, it is for this very reason that we are known as the “Most Affordable Destination Wedding planners In India”.


Get married like stars with VEEGO WEDDING!


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